Admission to the master's program will begin

From July 1, the acceptance of documents for a master's degree has begun in public universities throughout the country.

Admission is open until July 30 (including this day).

Application is made online at, not accepted at universities!

Information required to apply:

  1.  Passport information is filled out. In this case, it is enough for the applicant to enter the PINI number and passport series and number. A scanned or photo version of the passport is not required;
  2.  Permanent residence address (in other words, at registration) is included;
  3.  Information on the educational institution graduated from the bachelor's degree is entered;
  4.  A scanned version of the  diploma and the application with grades are uploaded;
  5.  If the applicant has privileges, such as a certificate of knowledge of a foreign language, the documents confirming the winner of the Olympiad, the President or the holder of a named scholarship, etc . uploads confirming documents;
  6.  Selects the specialty for which he / she wants to apply.

No additional documents are required from the applicant, such as a photo, a copy of the articles, a medical certificate!