“Charity”  usually  means  giving someone a blessing and showing generosity. But the word “charity” in the dictionary also means “to do good ”. Besides mentioning the dignity of donations, the Qur'an also describes the rewards that will be given to donors and the benefits that will be given to them. In fact, when you give something to someone or do something good for them, it revitalizes your heart, gives you peace of mind, and makes you happy for the benefit of others.

Most importantly, whoever has done good to you, Allah will return it to you tenfold. Applying the above proposals, students of the Faculty of Telecommunication Technologies of the Urgench branch of TUIT named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi did a good deed.In the summer of  2020, they visited the Gurlan, Ko`shkopir, Shovot and Urgench districts of  the Khwarizmi region as part of the "Light of Faith" project and gave a little joy to families, orphans and oppressed souls.

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