Natural and general professional sciences

Department of “Natural and general professional sciences”


Chair of department: Mamedvo Qudrat Allomovich

          Office hours: Wednesday, Friday (02:pm – 05:pm)

Tel: office (0 362) 224-61-28;     mob. (99890)-719-63-45



          Department of “Natural and general professional sciences” of Urgench branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies (UbTUIT) named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi was founded in 2005. The department has been run by PhD. Sadullaeva Sh.A. (2005-2008);  PhD. Ismоilоv Sh.X. (2008-2010, 2016-2017); PhD. Saidov D.Sh.(2010-2015). Since August 29, 2017 yil PhD Mamedov Q.A. has been running the department.

In 2008 there were founded two departments in the basis of the department: “Natural and general professional sciences” and “Informatics and mathematics”. On December 31, 2013 by the decree #382 of the director of UbTUIT, PhD, A.X. Nishanov the department of “Natural and general professional sciences” was established in the basis of the department “Telecommunication engineering”.

Nizomjon Jumaniyazov who did his PhD in the university of Santiago de Compostela, Spain which is ranked among top 1000 in the world joined the department in 2018. Moreover, professor, doctor of sciences, Yakhshimuratov Alisher started his career in the department from August 23, 2019.

In the academic year 2019-2020 10 professors are accomplishing their research and teaching activities.  8 of them are in full time positions, while 2 are in part time positions. Scientific potential of the department by full time positions is 50%, average age is 39. Overall scientific potential of the department is 60% and average age ratio is 42.

At present, the teachers of the department are engaged in the creation of new pedagogical technologies, including the creation of virtual laboratory work  in a special multimedia class connected to the Internet, in order to provide in-depth knowledge of the subjects of the curriculum. In addition, a number of textbooks and instructive manuals for students have been composed by the department. 


In the department a state research grant-BF-4-016 named “The study of secondary defects in silicon and Silicon-Germanic hard alloys” is carried out by PhD, Saidov Dilmurod.

In 2019 N. Jumaniyazov, associate professor of the department participated in internship and training program of “El-yurt umidi” foundationa and awarded a three-month internship in Spain.

Besides this he has attained an opportunity of the U.S. Department of State's Teacher Training Program from January 9, 2020 to May 9, 2020 at Gonzaga University in Washington, DC.


Young professors and teachers of the department "Natural and General Sciences" conduct independent research work on the scientific topics of the department and their research. Senior teacher of the department Bobodzhonov K.A. Preparing to defend his dissertation RhD on the topic: "The use of nickel germanosilicides on vibrations of Si1-xGex rhodors.

         Professor of the department, Ph.D. Yakhshimuratov A.B. is a member academic council and supervisor of the scientific seminar  at "Urgench State University and Karakalpak State University, Ph.D. 12.28.2017.FM.55.01


Courses conducted by the department:


The following courses are taught to all undergraduate program students.

  • Physics1
  • Physics2
  • Calculus
  • Differential equations
  • Liner algebra


Faculty of the department


  1. Mamedov Qudrat Allomovich
  2. Yaxshimuratоv Alisher Bekchanоvich
  3. Saidov Dilmurod Shamuratovich
  4. Jumaniyazоv Nizоmjоn Baxtiyorоvich
  5. Bobojonov Komiljon Abdusharipovich
  6. Xusainov Islom Ikromovich
  7. O`razmetova Shoira Azatboyevna
  8. Rajabоv Alisher Erkabоevich
  9. Atamuratov Atabek Egamberdiyevich
  10. Allaberganov Odilbek Raximоvich


Research areas conducted in the department:

  • Differential equations and mathematical physics
  • Modelling natural phenomena.
  • Modern problems of Calculus.


Offices of the deparment: Main building of Ubtuit, 2nd floor, rooms 203, 213.