"Week of Reading"

Within the framework of the "Week of Reading" in the Urgench branch of TUIT named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi in the Information Resource Center of the branch, the department of spirituality and primary organization of the branch Youth Leader and a group of students Bobodzhanov Bobur, Karimov Daston, Kurbanov Jakhongir, Matrasulov Diyorbek A book exhibition "Literature" was organized.

At the exhibition, students read poetry from their works.The students of the institute were recommended 100 copies of new masterpieces of Uzbek and world literature.The new works of art presented at the opening of the exhibition were presented by employees of the information resource center K. Saurov, Kh. Khaitbaeva, Sh. Abdurakhmanova held a book fair with the students of the institute.

Press service of UBTUIT